Wednesday evenings are Mosaic Workshops, 6-9 pm. This is an opportunity for the community to visit the studio and help with a large mosaic project on my building. 

Workshop is free and I offer instruction on how to cut tile, follow a grided cartoon, glue the tile to a
12. x12 inch mesh and then install those 12 x 12's to the building and lastly grout.  
I invite the community  to "Make Your Mark"  at 3922 St John Ave. the studio. Contact me by phone or e-mail (816) 483-6964

Stucco Building
Broken is a film written and performed by Chris Crabtree, which features pottery
by Rebecca Koop and a Mosaic by Beth Smith.

We accept personal and Cashiers Checks.  Prices do not include shipping and handling.  Delivery times vary. 
Please allow at least 3 weeks to instock pieces, and 8 weeks for custom orders.  Contact us for shipping costs to your zip code.  Prices subject to change.

All pottery, copywrite by Rebecca Koop    
Most Assorted Stoneware and Majolica Photos by Janet Ryan.